Purma Holdings Group has a trading arm that engages in the sourcing, purchasing, marketing and sale of Security equipment and related accessories to disciplined forces and other government agencies besides supplies of other general consumable products. The company is manned by top notch professionals with diverse skills and enriching experiences in their respective service-lines.

The Company has built a reputation as a quality service provider and offer competitive prices to our clients. We have voluminous international business and are appointed local agents of various multinational companies. This network synergy has made our supply chain logistics to be not only cost effective & efficient to our customers but also enabled us to provide a wide product-base in line with the changing needs, tastes and preferences of our esteemed customers. Subsequently, our customer-base and turn-over has had remarkable upward mobility, thanks to the goodwill and royalty enjoyed from our existing customers who remain as trusted referees.

Regalia And Uniform

In regard to regalia, the trading department of Purma Holdings Ltd provides services in procurement and supply of uniform, gear, equipment and machinery to various arms of the Kenyan government mainly the Discipline Forces of Kenya, Utility Companies and Government Agencies.

Supply Products

Uniform Items

Socks, Berets, Caps, Gloves, Vests, Ceremonial Uniforms, Combat Uniforms, Umbrellas, Nets , Pullovers, Sleeping Bags, Camping Beds, Kit Bags, Knapsacks, Webbings.


100% cotton, polyester, camouflages and all types of fabrics.

Foot Wear

Permanent shine shoes, army boots, security boots, high ankle boots, pure leather shoes& foots, canvas shoes, suede.

General Supplies

Pumps, generators, cranes, motor vehicles spare parts Computers, Water meters, Hardware tools, mechanical tools and many others

Miscellaneous Security Gadgets

Security touches.


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