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Purma Holdings Group has a trading arm that engages in the sourcing, purchasing, marketing and sale of Security equipment and related accessories to disciplined forces and other government agencies besides supplies of other general consumable products. The company is manned by top notch professionals with diverse skills and enriching experiences in their respective service-lines.

The Company has built a reputation as a quality service provider and offer competitive prices to our clients. We have voluminous international business and are appointed local agents of various multinational companies. This network synergy has made our supply chain logistics to be not only cost effective & efficient to our customers but also enabled us to provide a wide product-base in line with the changing needs, tastes and preferences of our esteemed customers. Subsequently, our customer-base and turn-over has had remarkable upward mobility, thanks to the goodwill and royalty enjoyed from our existing customers who remain as trusted referees.

Regalia And Uniform

In regard to regalia, the trading department of Purma Holdings Ltd provides services in procurement and supply of uniform, gear, equipment and machinery to various arms of the Kenyan government mainly the Discipline Forces of Kenya, Utility Companies and Government Agencies.

Supply Products

Uniform Items

Socks, Berets, Caps, Gloves, Vests, Ceremonial Uniforms, Combat Uniforms, Umbrellas, Nets , Pullovers, Sleeping Bags, Camping Beds, Kit Bags, Knapsacks, Webbings.


100% cotton, polyester, camouflages and all types of fabrics.

Foot Wear

Permanent shine shoes, army boots, security boots, high ankle boots, pure leather shoes& foots, canvas shoes, suede.

General Supplies

Pumps, generators, cranes, motor vehicles spare parts Computers, Water meters, Hardware tools, mechanical tools and many others

Miscellaneous Security Gadgets

Security touches.


Real Estate

Purma Holdings Group Ltd is involved in the real estate business where it develops and partners with other construction companies to help develop high end buildings, malls, apartments and town houses in Nairobi, the suburbs and other cities around Kenya.



East Capital Apartments located in Umoja along Kangundo road

Constructed under EastGate apartments Limited, the development comprised of a total of 438 apartments consisting of two, three and four-bedroom units.

The project was executed in two phases, Phase one from August 2009 – January 2011 and Phase 2 from February 2011 – December 2013.



Located in Rongai, the apartments comprised of 55 Number two-bedroom apartments and 15 Number 1-bedroom apartments.

Construction began in September 2012 and was completed in December 2013.



Haven Park Apartments located in Ruaka along Limuru road.

Constructed under Haven Park Limited, the project comprises of 100 number 3-bedroom apartments and 3 number 1-bedroom apartments.

Construction commenced on October 2012 and will be completed on February 2014.



As a complementary facility to the Haven Park apartments limited, the project is proposed to comprise a club house, shops, additional parking and 20 Number 1-bedroom serviced apartments.



Located in Ruaka town along Limuru road, the proposed project will comprise of 220 units consisting of one, two and three bedroom serviced apartments and estimated time of project completion will be 18 months.



Located in Westlands Tausi road off Muthithi road, is a 12 story building comprising office suites, serviced apartments, shop s and a revolving restaurant at the top of the building.

to be built over a period of 18 months.



This development will be located in Ruiru along the Eastern by pass, 300 meters from the Thika Superhighway and 100 meters from the bypass.

It will comprise of 22 number 3 –bedroom mansionettes to be completed in 8 months

Best Freight Conveyors


Best freight Conveyors is a limited company and a subsidiary of Purma Holdings Group of Companies. It was incorporated in 1997 under the laws of Kenya, with the head office in Nairobi, Kenya.

Best Freight Conveyors offers its services for shipments by air and sea including logistics for customs formalities and handles transportation for imports to and exports from Kenya. Our principal areas of activity are linear agency, freight forwarding, haulage, warehousing, with a network of various offices throughout Kenya.

The company has been handling clearance of large consignments that has since become one of the leading clearing & forwarding companies in the country and its reputable in the market place as a result of its vast experience, quality service and highly dedicated team of employees.

Our packing and export department offers personalized and professional approach to services which is acknowledged by our satisfied customers ranging from international companies to individuals who have to change place locally and internationally.

The company’s unwavering continual dedication to quality and standard services has earned it prestigious awards over the past years.

We have working relationship with the national and international communities and our company has properly positioned itself to meet the challenges of the industry. We offer dedicated customers’ needs; review services and make value-adding contribution to clients businesses.

Best freight is licensed to offer the business of Clearing and Forwarding services is compliant to the relevant Customs & Excise Act. The company is connected to Simba2005 System - encompasses TRADE-X , LEUK , PAYBOX and ORBUS modules - a mandatory customs clearance management module currently in use for Clearing & Forwarding services through Customs in Kenya & East Africa to enhance trade facilitation.The module facilitates electronic contact between Customs and Customs agents, Ship agents, carriers as well as regulatory government agencies.


Best freight operates a wide network of office at the border entry ports as follows:

(i) Mombasa

(ii) Namanga

(iii) J.K.I.A

(iv) ICD Embakasi

(v) MombasaPort

(vi) Lokichogio

(vii) Lungalunga

(viii) Moyale

(ix) Busia

(x) Isebania

(xi) Namanga

(xii) Mandera


Our primary interest is in building sustainable and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients at home and abroad. At Best Freight, we listen to what our clients and strive to meet personalized services to meet their needs.

Our staff is trained to work as a team and as partners with our clients. We are very proficient in delivering our broad based services to our diversified clients. Our clients have attested to this severally, and have remained ‘glued’ to us because of the excellent of relationship we maintain.

We ensure our professionalism and clear goods within accepted lead-time.

We have a fleet of mechanically sound delivery Vehicles

We have excellent working relationship with the main Road Transporters

We have excellent warehousing facilities and good working relationship with the

Customs Bonded houses.

About Us

Purma Holdings Limited is a private company incorporated in 1997 under the Laws of Kenya.

Purma Holding Limited has other subsidiary companies which are involved in diverse businesses that are managed by the parent company.

Over the years Purma Holdings Ltd has expanded into various business enterprises; registering significant business growth. The subsidiary companies are involved in trading business, real estate, clearing and forwarding, as the appointed local agent of various multinational manufacturers, among others as outlined in this profile.

Under the trading subsidiary, Purma has engaged in the sourcing, purchasing, marketing and sale among others of security equipment and related accessories to Government Agencies and specifically to disciplined forces. It also deals with supplies of other general merchandise and consumable products. The Company has built a reputation as a quality service provider and offers competitive prices to her clients. This network synergy has made the supply chain logistics be not only cost effective & efficient to the customers but also provide a wide product-base in line with the changing needs, tastes and preferences to the esteemed customers. There has been a tremendous growth in the customer-base, sales volumes and turn-over and significant financial growth, thanks to the goodwill and royalty enjoyed from existing customers.

Purma has extensive business experience in entrepreneurship which guides her into the execution of daily operations of the organization. Above all the company is managed by highly experienced professionals with diverse skills and enriching experiences in their respective service – lines.


To create real value for our customers and supply partners and remain the supplier of choice in our service delivery lines. We also endeavor to satisfy our customers with the appropriate level of quality products which is a primary goal and a fundamental element to our business success.


To be a world-class leader in customer satisfaction and client support in real estate development, clearing & forwarding and general supplies


  • Retain and expand current customer base through collection of market intelligence on evolving consumer trends, tastes and preferences.
  • Progressively diversify our product/service portfolio through strategic partnership alliances and franchises
  • Continuously enhance our competitiveness through value and quality addition to our services.
  • Endeavor to grow our internal capacity to meet ever-changing market dynamics.


  • Integrity
  • Superior customer service,
  • Pro-active corporate social responsibility.
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Pioneering technology

Purma holdings Company Ltd has progressively evolved to include in its current list of service provision, such products and services as:

  • Trading business:
  • Real estate development
  • Clearing & forwarding
  • Security equipment,
  • ICT equipment,
  • Heavy machinery and earthmovers
  • Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s), for government agencies and disciplined forces
  • General merchandise and consumable supplies


Purma Holdings Ltd intends to expand its business base by joining the Hospitality industry. Through its high level of experience and strong human resource capacity, PHL hopes to capture a sizeable market share of the urban clientele through this venture.

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